lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2007

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Counter-Strike 1.6
HEADZOTS Public v2.0
OpenGL Multihack. Features: ESP, Aimbot, WallHack, Lambert, NoFlash, NoSmoke, NoFTB, NoRecoil, BunnyHop, RushDuck, Stats, Autoshoot and more...
1219 Indetectable
s7eal7h v1.0
OpenGL Hack. ESPTriangle, Perfect Wallhack, Lambert, NoFlash and NoSmoke
744 Indetectable
20/09/07 Simple JAPS v1.0
OpenGL Multihack. Features: FarESP, WallHack, NoSmoke/NoFlash, Lambert, PlayerGlow, 3rd Personhack, Crosshairs, Weapon Hidder, Panic Key.
4511 Indetectable
20/09/07 Super Small Hook v1.0
OpenGL Hack. Features: NameESP and Crosshairs
1831 Indetectable
19/09/07 seren1ty Aimbot r4
OpenGL Simplehack. *Update* Fixed antispread/silentaim and added Hitbox ESP
2748 Indetectable
18/09/07 SimpleHack v1.1
OpenGL Hack. *Update* New Offsets added, fixed settings and added nosky!
2617 Indetectable
14/09/07 Fighter FX 8.2
OpenGL Hot Private MultiHack. *Update* New Offsets and Fixed Systime Position...
7404 Indetectable
14/09/07 seren1ty Aimbot r3
OpenGL Aimbot. *Update* Fixed auto offsets and some other bug fixes.
2128 Indetectable
14/09/07 Insanity Hack 2.2
OpenGL Private Multihack. *Update* Added New Offsets!
3573 Indetectable
13/09/07 Super Simple Wallhack v2.9
OpenGL Simple Wallhack. *Update* New Offsets and others changes
4271 Indetectable
13/09/07 bi0la Public Edition G²
OpenGL MultiHack. *Update* New Offsets
3728 Indetectable
12/09/07 bi0la Public Edition G
OpenGL Hack. *Update* Delete FarESP Function ! and Proof code
1542 Detectable
12/09/07 seren1ty Aimbot r2
Simple OpenGL Aimbot
1559 Detectable
10/09/07 HLGL 2
OpenGL Hack. *Update* New base used and added Player Lambert. by x3
2349 Detectable
09/09/07 SimpleHack v1.0
OpenGL Hack. Features: XQZ2 Wallhack, Model Wallhack, ASUS Wallhack, Noflash/Nosmoke, Box/Name/Weapon/VisualESP and GlowShell
4615 Detectable
04/09/07 Project Mayhem v1.01
OpenGL HOT Multihack. The VDC Redux Renamed to Project Mayhem. Supported most Steam games. Have full features. Cheat 100% Recommended. by Kalvin
3318 Detectable
03/09/07 Super Simple Wallhack v2.8
OpenGL Hack. *Update* Perfect Depthrange Style Walls, NoFlash, NoSmoke, NoSky, NoAds and Lambert by <:PrOdIgY:>
4515 Detectable
01/09/07 Take no Prisoners v1.1
OpenGL Multihack. *Update* Fixed crash and added crosshairs.
3444 Detectable
25/08/07 PLWH v1.0.1
OpenGL WallHack. *Update* New VAC2 proof method, PLWH in topscreen, Change colors. New loader, New readme, Fix some errors, Internal encrypt and more...
6215 Detectable
25/08/07 Insanity Hack 2.1
OpenGL Private Multihack. *Update* New VAC2 Proofing Method, Internal encrypt new phrases, Update/Fixed Loader and New image on loader.
7090 Detectable
25/08/07 Take no Prisoners v1.0
OpenGL Multihack. VAC2 Proof.
4186 Detectable
24/08/07 VAC2 Blocker / Bypasser
Update bypasser after VAC2 module updated. Include Loader and Instructions.
3254 Detectable
23/08/07 bi0la Public Edition F
*Update* Added: FarESP, BoxESP, NameESP, DistanceESP and WeaponESP.
4382 Detectable
22/08/07 Fighter FX 8.1
OpenGL Multihack. *Update* Added new VAC2 Proof Method and Encrypt mode!
13397 Detectable
22/08/07 Apocalypse Hook 1.42
OpenGL Multihack *Cheat Updated*
4744 Detectable
21/08/07 VAC2 Bypasser Update
Added official loader. 100% Work.
1555 Detectable
20/08/07 VAC2 Blocker BETA v0.2
Block VAC2 for use all cheats. Changes: Added some more security features.
1462 Detectable
20/08/07 VAC2 Blocker BETA v0.1
Tool for blocked VAC2. All Steam Games Compatible.
793 Detectable
19/08/07 bi0la Public Edition E
Changelog: Added HiddenESP, CrossHairESP and Aimmethod.
1450 Detectable
17/08/07 VAC2 Bypasser
Encompasses many ways to block and or bypass VAC checks. If one bypass or block method fails, it will resort to another. Theres a total of 5-6 methods.
1197 Detectable
15/08/07 HLGL v1.0
OpenGL Simplehack. Features: Perfect XQZ Wallhack.
3541 Detectable
13/08/07 Hypnotick Hook v2.4.2
OpenGL and D3D Multihack. *Update* Changes: Added Sequence ESP, BarrelHack, Player D-Light, Player Glow shells, Grenade Glow shells, Damage beam, Sparks and Crosshair. Various tweaks to aimbot.
9283 Detectable
08/08/07 P7 ReBorn v0.3
OpenGL Multihack. *Update* Fixed Internal Codes & cleaned, New VAC2 proofing method, Fixed ESP, Aimbot, NoSpread and more...
7887 Detectable
07/08/07 nK Hack v5.9
OpenGL Multihack. *Update* Changes: VAC2 Proofing. Features: Aimbot, ESP, Wallhack, Lambert, and much more...
8709 Detectable
07/08/07 MPH v7.1
OGL Hack. Features: Aimbot, PixelFOV, Avdraw, Recoil Compensation, FarESP, BoxESP, Weapon/Name/Distance/Visible ESP, 3 FontStyles, ESPColors Adjustable, Custom GUI and Menu.
4239 Detectable
07/08/07 Super Simple Wallhack v2.7
OpenGL Simplehack. *Update* New Packer and New VAC2 proofing method!
7559 Detectable
06/08/07 Hypnotick Hook v2.1.6
OpenGL Multihack. *Update* Changes: Fixed injection failure (Loader).
2448 Detectable
06/08/07 Hypnotick Hook v2.1.5
OpenGL Multihack. *Update* Changes: Fixed hud issue in which ammo was not displayed, Fixed radar bug which prevented the radar to be turned off, Added "aim at chest" to menu under aimbot, Added new radar section to menu (change display, change position, change size), Added addition radar options to choose what teams to display and Added Box ESP.
2183 Detectable
06/08/07 Hypnotick Hook v2.0.0
OpenGL Client Multihack. *Update* Changelog: New hooking method based on moduleC, Crash fixes and D3D support.
655 Detectable
24/07/07 Hitbox ESP
OpenGL Simple Hitbox ESP.
2422 Detectable
23/07/07 Proof of Concept: AIO Hack
OpenGL Multimod Hack. Features: BoxESP, VisibleESP and Panickey. Support: CS 1.6, CSCZ, CSSource, DoDSource and HL2DM. by Gordon
3247 Detectable
13/07/07 MiniPixler v1.0
OpenGL Simplehack. Features: PixelAimbot, BoxESP and FarESP...
8279 Detectable
09/07/07 Apocalypse Hook 0.87
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Aimbot, NoRecoil, ESP, Wallhack, NoFlash, Glow, TransLamb, Hudcolor, Speedhack, Crosshair, Thirdperson, Infobox and Panic Key!
15586 Detectable
09/07/07 bi0la Public Edition D
OpenGL Multihack. *Update* Added ReloadESP, Lambert, VAC2 Proof and Fixed
4218 Detectable
09/07/07 I LoVe iT 2.6
OpenGL Hack. *Update* Features: AimBot, ESP, Crosshair, Infobox, Bunnyhop, FunWeapon, Autopistol, Pani Key.
7559 Detectable
09/07/07 PixelBot v1.4
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Aimbot, NameESP, DistanceESP, VisibleESP, WallHack, NoFlash and TeamGlow
7315 Detectable
08/07/07 Super Simple Wallhack v2.6
OpenGL Simplehack. *Update* Use different packer for library
8071 Detectable
07/07/07 PLWH v1.0
OpenGL Hack. Features: Simple XQZ Wallhack and Panic Key. Code by PlastiKe
4412 Detectable
26/06/07 Hypnotick Hook v1.3.4
OpenGL Multihack. *Update* Added Condition Zero Support, Added cam system, Sequence esp, grenade shell, Improved aimbot and Fixed crashing issues.
16537 Detectable
24/06/07 Super Simple Wallhack v2.51
OpenGL Simplehack. *Update* Change library name and protection!
10383 Detectable
22/06/07 Fighter FX 8.0
OpenGL Multihack. *Update Cheat* view changelog. Code by PlastiKe
31583 Detectable
19/06/07 bi0la Public Edition C
*Update Hack* Client Multihack
8203 Detectable
16/06/07 Hypnotick Hook v1.0
OpenGL Multihack. *Update* Completely redesigned cheat, New interpreter engine, New entity/aimbot system, New console and menu.
9039 Detectable
15/06/07 Insanity Hack 2.0
OpenGL Multihack. *Update* New VAC2 Proofing method, New alias, New CVARS, New names for files, New CRC32 for all files, New loader code and design, Added Autoplaying (Player Maxdist/Mindist), Added Premium user and identification, Delete SoundESP, Delete "Insanity Info" option, Change LocalGlow color and tickness , Change Menu position/measures and New protect for lamers & rippers!
17307 Detectable
15/06/07 P!nkie HoOk 1.1
OpenGL Hack. *Update* New method for VAC2 Proofing, Loader show premium user, Added BoxESP and New Protectors for lamers & rippers!
5204 Detectable
15/06/07 A Basic Hack
OpenGL Basic Hack.
5655 Detectable
10/06/07 iNsan3 ESP v1.1
*Update* Changelog: Add Custom Crosshairs, Fixed small bugs and VAC2 Revision
5815 Detectable
07/06/07 iNsan3 ESP v1.0
OpenGL ESP Hack. Features: Weapon, Name, Box and Distance ESP.
4430 Detectable
06/06/07 Super Simple Wallhack v2.4
OpenGL Simplehack. *Update*
13607 Detectable
06/06/07 Deep3rd
OpenGL Hack. Features: ThirdPersonHack, Crosshair & Zoom Fix, 4 Crosshairs and Traslucent Player-Model and more...
5883 Detectable
06/06/07 IloveIt 2.3
OpenGL Hack. Features: Aimbot, Autoshoot, FarESP, Crosshair and PanicKey.
10148 Detectable
06/06/07 GLCmdHack v1.7.0.2
OpenGL Multihack. *Update*
5472 Detectable
05/06/07 bi0la Public Edition B
OpenGL Multihack. *Update*
3910 Detectable
03/06/07 P!nkie HoOK
OpenGL Simplehack. Features: NameESP, WeaponESP, ReloadESP, Crosshair, RadarHack, LocalGlow, Bunnyhop and NoRecoil. ** Private **
8186 Detectable
30/05/07 b00ns Fav0r!Te
OpenGL Simplehack. Features: RadarHack (3D/2D) and WallHack.
8921 Detectable
28/05/07 [ZEMA] v2.0 Public
OpenGL Hack. Changelog: Add Wallhack, Aimbot, Lambert and fix improvements
9896 Detectable
28/05/07 no1r-priv-xqz
Simple XQZ Wallhack. VAC2 Proof.
6459 Detectable
27/05/07 Insanity Hack 1.1
OpenGL Multihack. News: Added Predback, Pred aHead, SoundESP (Tol, Filter, Display, Time), Anti VAC2 Wall, Grenade Dodge, Grenade Mindist, Binds (Menu Key, Console Key), Archive Keycodes.html for customize key binds, New Loader interfrace and icon, New Menu dimensions and position, New library CRC32, Fixed Aimbot, Available in English or Spanish version and Support all resolutions.
11250 Detectable
26/05/07 [ZEMA] v1.0 Public
OpenGL Simple ESP. VAC, VAC2, HLGUARD and SoundCheck secure!
2816 Detectable
26/05/07 GLCmdHack v1.07
OpenGL Multihack. Have Full Features! Hot Cheat, include CRC32 Changer!
3757 Detectable
26/05/07 bi0la Public Edition A
OpenGL Multihack. Wallhack, ESP, Aimbot, Barrel, include ALL Features. HOT!
7377 Detectable
16/05/07 Hypnotick Hook v0.6
OpenGL Multihack. News in 0.6: Added Radar FOV, D-Lights, PlayerGlow Shells, BarrelHack, Mirror, ZoomCam and Fixed a-Shoot.
10226 Detectable
15/05/07 Insanity Hack 1.0
OpenGL Multihack. Cheat Features [Video] [Screenshot]
118625 Detectable
13/05/07 Cheat Project v0.3
OpenGL Simplehack. Added BoxESP. Features: NameESP and BoxESP.
11368 Detectable
06/05/07 Super Simple Wallhack v2.3
OpenGL Hack. FT: XQZ Style, NoFlash, NoSmoke, NoSky, NoAds and Lambert.
16140 Detectable
06/05/07 ssChack&myAC
OpenGL Hack made in Russia. Note: Configure cheat in config.ini
4983 Detectable
05/05/07 Hypnotick Hook v0.5
Updates: Radar Fix, Added BombTimer, NoSmoke, Autosave, Option for each type ESP, Scripted VEC Changer, Alias Command, New style for Menu and fixed bugs.
6322 Detectable
01/05/07 Cheat Project v0.2
OpenGL Hack. Features: Name ESP. by FeniXs and TinMar0.
7992 Detectable
01/05/07 Simple Far ESP
OpenGL Hack. Features: Far ESP. by Gordon
4973 Detectable
26/04/07 Super Simple Wallhack v2.2
Other update!
10971 Detectable
24/04/07 b0ns4i v4.0.5
OGL Multihack. Update: VAC2 Proof
16777 Detectable
24/04/07 VDC Redux v2.09
OGL Multihack. VAC2 Still Proof!
18270 Detectable
24/04/07 Hypnotick Hook v0.2a
OGL Multihack. Changes: Fixed radar, Fixed menu background, Aiming fov, Target lock and Aiming keys(1-5)
8412 Detectable
21/04/07 Super Simple Wallhack v2.1
Another update...!
5693 Detectable
21/04/07 Umbrella v1.6
OGL Hack. Features: Aimbot, Wallhack, ESP, Hudcolors and Speedhack.
17802 Detectable
21/04/07 Wannabe Pixel Aimbot v0.2
OGL Simplehack. Features: Aimbot, BoxESP, VAC2 Proof.
6548 Detectable
20/04/07 Hypnotick Hook
OGL Multihack. Features: Aimbot, AntiRecoil, NoSpread, PlayerESP, EntityESP and SpyCam.
5839 Detectable
18/04/07 Super Simple Wallhack v2.0
OGL Simple Hack. Features: XQZ Style Walls, Removals and Lambert.
4917 Detectable
15/04/07 VDC Redux v2.08 Beta
OGL Multihack. Autoupdate Cheat. by [vD]Kalvin
6577 Detectable
13/04/07 b0ns4i v4.0.4
OGL Multihack. Another update from ChrishMC.
7570 Detectable
06/04/07 VDC Redux 2.07 Beta
OpenGL Multihack. Other update!!! Recommended. Have FULL Features.
13372 Detectable
06/04/07 Super Simple Wallhack
OpenGL Simplehack. Features: XQZ Style Walls, NoFlash, NoSmoke, NoSky and NoAds (Banners Above Scoreboard & Banners On Walls). F9 = ON/OFF
11175 Detectable
01/04/07 M-nation Simplehack v1.1
OpenGL Simplehack. Features: NameESP, Wallhack, Whitewall and Lambert
11863 Detectable
30/03/07 VDC Redux v2.04 Beta
OpenGL Multihack. Update Hack. Added new offsets, include autoupdater.
6961 Detectable
30/03/07 AbsoHack v8.717
OpenGL Multihack. Other Update! FT: Aimbot,Lambert,Wallhack, SemiTrans Walls,No Sky,WireframeNo Flash/No Smoke,White Walls,Inverted Lighting,No Fog,Crosshair,Wireframe Models,Fullbright,Timer,Winamp Support...
15207 Detectable
30/03/07 NL 4.05.03
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Aimbot, Full ESP, Removals, Wallhacks, Crosshairs, Misc Hacks and much more... Recommended.
7412 Detectable
28/03/07 M-Nation v7
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Vector & Hitbox Aimbot, PixelFov, Avdraw, Recoil Compensation, FarESP, BoxESP, Weapon/Name/Distance ESP, 3 Fonts, ESP Colors.
7659 Detectable
22/03/07 Aequihack Simple ESP Beta
OpenGL Hack. Features: FAR ESP, Visible ESP, Distance ESP, ConfigInj, Panic
6819 Detectable
22/03/07 OGZ Remake v1.7
OpenGL Multihack. *CHEAT UPDATE* Features: Aimbot, Wallhack, SpeedHack, FarESP, Entity, Full ESP, BunnyHop, Crosshairs, Flash Removal, AimTimer, RadarHack, PlayerGlow, Lambert, FullBright, PixelStyle and much much more...
17572 Detectable
22/03/07 Fkn0wned CS 1.6 Hack
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Aimbot, ESP, Removals, Wallhacks, Crosshairs, Misc, Speedhack, Raging and others... by FkN
17774 Detectable
13/03/07 Mystery Machine
OpenGL Multihack. Features: XQZ Wallhack, MultiColor Bomb Sprite, NoRecoil, WCRender, NoFlash, NoWeapon, Playertrail, Shield Trans, Scream, Time/Date, Colored Weapons, BrightModels, ColorWalls, NoTextWalls... by c0re
22156 Detectable
11/03/07 AbsoHack v8.716
OpenGL Multihack. Other Update! FT: Aimbot,Lambert,Wallhack, SemiTrans Walls,No Sky,WireframeNo Flash/No Smoke,White Walls,Inverted Lighting,No Fog,Crosshair,Wireframe Models,Fullbright,Timer,Winamp Support...
11709 Detectable
11/03/07 AbsoHack v8.715
OpenGL Multihack. Update Hack!
2610 Detectable
10/03/07 Ecstatic Cheat Resurrection
OpenGL Multihack. The resurrection of Ecstatic Cheat. Still VAC2 Proof! by c0re
13164 Detectable
10/03/07 Hash Hack v3
OpenGL Multihack. Changes: VAC2 Proof and New Loader. Features: Wallhacks, Removals, Lambert, FullBright, WhiteWalls, NightWalls, NightModels, Crosshair, WireFrame, Hudcolor, 3rd Person and Panic Key.
11343 Detectable
10/03/07 Aimpix Hack
OpenGL Multihack. Features: PixelAimbot, ESP (HeadBox) and ON/OFF Key (F12) by xzy
12520 Detectable
06/03/07 VDC Redux v2.01 Beta
OpenGL Full Multihack. This Cheat have full features. Hot Cheat, Recommended!
15279 Detectable
06/03/07 Hash Hack v2.1
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Aimbot, Wallhack, Removals, Lambert, Hudcolor and much more... VAC2 Proof
8992 Detectable
25/02/07 b0ns4i v4.0.1
Update Hack!! Fixed: Statsbox to be drawn correctly @ low-res
7238 Detectable
25/02/07 b0ns4i v4.0
OpenGL Multihack. VAC2 Proof, New Loader, Fixed improvements. Added: Visual FOV, Visbert. Radar, FarESP, WhiteModels, PanicKey. Fake Chams, StatsBox, FontInit, BoxESP.
4649 Detectable
14/02/07 AbsoHack v8.713
OpenGL Multihack. News: Fixes more errors and added console in taskbar!
10716 Detectable
14/02/07 OGZ Remake v1.6
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Aimbot, Wallhack, SpeedHack, FarESP, Entity, Full ESP, BunnyHop, Crosshairs, Flash Removal, AimTimer, RadarHack, PlayerGlow, Lambert, FullBright, PixelStyle and much much more...
25158 Detectable
14/02/07 AbsoHack v8.712
OpenGL Multihack. FT: Aimbot,Lambert,Wallhack, SemiTrans Walls,No Sky,WireframeNo Flash/No Smoke,White Walls,Inverted Lighting,No Fog,Crosshair,Wireframe Models,Fullbright,Timer,Winamp Support...
7829 Detectable
27/01/07 OGC Xtreme Codename v6
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Wallhack, Full ESP, Aimbot, Speedhack, Removals, NoRecoil and much more...
32822 Detectable
27/01/07 OGX Reborn v1.4.1
OpenGL Multihack. Features: ESP, Aimbot, Wallhack, Speedhack, RadarHack, Removals and much more...
17571 Detectable
27/01/07 Project VDC - Catalyst v1.24
OpenGL MultiHack. Have much updates! Recommended.
10741 Detectable
26/01/07 OGZ v1.6
OpenGL Multihack. New in v1.6 = RadarHack, Spycam, Auto Offsets and Added anti-vac.bat
12310 Detectable
08/01/07 Hash Hack v2.0
OpenGL Multihack. New VAC2 Code, Wallhack, Removals, Lambert, FullBright, WhiteWalls, Night Models, Night Walls, Crosshair, WireFrame, Hudcolor, Panic F12 Key. by xzy
19924 Detectable
01/01/07 Unh0ly h00k
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Aimbot, SpeedHack, WallHack, FullESP and much much more...
29041 Detectable
01/01/07 Viral Hack v4
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Colour Aimbot, AntiRecoil, AutoShoot, MP3Player, Crosshair...
20544 Detectable
25/12/06 HighFidelity v1.0
OpenGL Hack. Features: Wallhack, Lambert, BoxESP, Distance ESP, NoFlash, All OFF Key.
18426 Detectable
23/12/06 OGZ v1.4b
OpenGL MultiHack. Changelog: FarESP crash fixed, Aimbot FOV fixed, Panickey fixed and PlayerGlow added.
11867 Detectable
23/12/06 Pixli Hack v1.0
OpenGL SimpleHack. Features: Pixelaimbot and PointESP
8903 Detectable
23/12/06 OGZ v1.4
OpenGL MultiHack. Changelog: Some FarESP, bugs fixed, Keysystem and Security Improvements. Added: Reaload/c4 plant/he throw ESP, Hitbox & bone aimbot, AimTimer.
8958 Detectable
15/12/06 Project VDC: Catalyst v1.21
OpenGL Multihack. [Features / Support]
14796 Detectable
02/12/06 M-nation SimpleHack v1
OpenGL SimpleHack. Features: NameESP, WallHack, Whitewall and Lambert.
17844 Detectable
02/12/06 OGZ v1.3
OpenGL Multihack. *Updated* Changes: Aimbot improved, FarESP Added and Some Bugs are Fixed and General Improvements...
10473 Detectable
24/11/06 VAC2SUX v1.0
OpenGL Hack. Disable VAC2 for safe your account or use detected hacks. by [DarkCheats]SanD
7350 Detectable
21/11/06 OGZ v1.2b
OpenGL Multihack. Update Hack! Changelog: Basehook changed, Auto Offsets, CSCZ Support Added, New Menu, Fontclass Added, Small Bugfix (Wallhack/Panic Key) and Hitboxaiming Temporary removed.
13227 Detectable
19/11/06 OGZ v1.1
OpenGL Multihack. Update Hack! Changelog: Speedhack added, Hitbox aiming / Showhitboxes added
7195 Detectable
14/11/06 OGZ v1.0
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Box ESP, Visible ESP, Distance ESP, Entity ESP, Name ESP, Bunnyhop, NoFlash, AVDraw, Panic Key, Hybird PixelAimbot, Aimthru and Aimspots.
6051 Detectable
13/11/06 Hash Hack v1.0
OpenGL Multihack. XQZ Wallhack, Team Lambert, Noflash, Hudcolor White and Panic Key F12. [Video]
16274 Detectable
13/11/06 ECC 5.2
*Update Hack* News: CS:CZ Support. Added: Speedhack by tabris, Automatic Offsets. Fixed: Bugs in loader.
112043 Detectable
11/11/06 b0ns4i v3.1
OpenGL Multihack. New: VAC2 Proof, AV Draw, Menu background and Maximum Speedlevel decreased to 25. Changed: Menu font. Fixed: Menu laggs and VisibleESP with Gait/SequenceESP activated.
7509 Detectable
07/11/06 VAC2 Disabler v4
OpenGL Disable Hack. Features: Disable VALVe Anti-Cheats 2. Changes: Update Data.dat and Improved Code.
5767 Detectable
04/11/06 BB.Hack Final V1.0
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Lanmodus, Fov-Aimer, Autoaim, Full ESP, Bunnyhop, Lambert, TeamLambert, XQZ Wallhack, NoFlash/NoSmoke, Hudcolors, Crosshairs, 3rd Person Hack, Visible Date and Time...
13405 Detectable
02/11/06 b0ns4i v3
Update Hack. VAC2 Proof and new cheat code. Added: ESP, Lambert (Visbert), Auto-offsets and SpeedHack.
6422 Detectable
02/11/06 ECC 5.1
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Hitbox, Bone Aiming, Nospread, Autowall, ESP, Far ESP, Wallhacks, Crosshairs, Speedhack, Spinhack, Whitewalls, Fullbright, Radar Hacks, Bunnyhop, No Recoil, Extra Blood, 3rd Person Hack, Infobox, Smoke / Flash Removal, Polymorphism...
31725 Detectable
28/10/06 Ecstatic Cheat v13.24
New update of EC by c0re
14126 Detectable
27/10/06 Ecstatic Cheat v13.23
New update of the Ecstatic! by c0re
3185 Detectable
19/10/06 Irish Hook v1
OpenGL Hook. Simple Features! VAC2 Proof!
8614 Detectable
16/10/06 Ecstatic Cheat v13.20
OpenGL FullHack. New Update! VAC2 Still Proof! by c0re
9045 Detectable
10/10/06 LiteESP v1.1
OpenGL Hack. Updates: Added loader! and fixed crash bug!
13049 Detectable
09/10/06 LiteESP v1.0
OpenGL Hack. Features: Name ESP, Box ESP, No Sky, Colored models and Visible Chams by XanTrax
5785 Detectable
06/10/06 DDCC Hook v3.0.1
New loader, offline version, autoupdater revision and others improvements... update by zh4r0naX
6253 Detectable
01/10/06 DDCC Hook v3.0
OpenGL Multihack. Update Hack! New in v3.0: XorStringed everything. This will help prevent the Hexxing of this hack Radar Added (not very good)!
7395 Detectable
01/10/06 DDCC Hook v2.2
OpenGL Multihack. Update hack! New in v2.2: DoD No Recoil Wiremodel + De0xide Wireframe Size Changer
2406 Detectable
23/09/06 Ecstatic Cheat v13.19
Update Hack! Fixed bugs and others improvements! by c0re
9546 Detectable
20/09/06 Ecstatic Cheat v13.10
Other small update from cheat by c0re!
3335 Detectable
16/09/06 Ecstatic Cheat v13.6
Other small update! by c0re
3138 Detectable
15/09/06 Ecstatic Cheat v13.1
Update small bug fixed! - This Cheat have Full Features by c0re!
2648 Detectable
15/09/06 Ecstatic Cheat v13
OpenGL Multihack. New version for EC. Cheat have FULL Features by c0re!
3392 Detectable
15/09/06 DDCC Hook v2.0
New VAC2 Proofing Code! (autoupdater removed by DarkCheats per original loader content trojan/virus)
3561 Detectable
15/09/06 DDCC Hook v1.7
OpenGL MultiHack. Update Release. New Features Added!
1811 Detectable
12/09/06 Unforgiven Hook v2.0
Client Multihack: Aimbot, Full ESP, Far ESP, Radar Hack, Wallhacks, Crosshairs, Speedhack, Glowshells and many more... Again a little upgrade for VAC
23336 Detectable
12/09/06 DDCC Hook v1.6
Update Hack!. Name, Distance, Weapon, Entity, Box, Far ESP, ASUS and XQZ2 Wallhack, Thirdperson, No Recoil (CS only), Quake Guns, OGC Crosshairs, Lambert, Colored Models, .ini and .cfg Support...
6888 Detectable
12/09/06 DDCC Hook v1.5b
Fixed Hack! - Edited Recoil. Now only one setting. Edited the Menu so it is unhexable.
1344 Detectable
12/09/06 DDCC Hook v1.5
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Name, Distance, Weapon, Entity, Box ESP, Perfect XQZ2 WH, ASUS WH, Lambert, Third Person, No Flash, Quake Guns and No Recoil
2638 Detectable
12/09/06 DDCC Hook v1.1
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Name, Weapon, Entity, Far, Distance ESPs...
1282 Detectable
28/08/06 VAC2 Disabler v2.1
Changes: VAC2 Proof, Optimized code, Added data.dat, Some other things.
6046 Detectable
26/08/06 CS SUX Beta 4
OpenGL Hack BETA. Features: Wallhack, Triggerbot, ESP, Crosshair, Third Person Speedhack, NoSmoke, Bunnyhop, SpinHack.
14458 Detectable
24/08/06 Unforgiven Hook v1.0
OpenGL MultiHack. Features: Hitbox/Bone Aimbot, Full ESP, Far ESP, OV / Default Radar, XQZ & ASUS Wallhack, Fullbright, Spinhack, 5 Crosshairs, LTFX Speedhack, Playerlight, Bunnyhop, Extra Blood, Chasecam, Autowall, AV Draw, Infobox, No Recoil, AIm Offset Tweaker and Whitewalls.
26515 Detectable
16/08/06 AequiHack v1.5
All Proof. Changes: Adjustable Aimer. Features: BoxEsp, WeaponEsp, Lambert, Aimsmoother, Panic-Key.
9558 Detectable
16/08/06 b0ns4i v2.1.1
VAC2 Proof and fixed shield bugs!... OpenGL MultiHack!
8518 Detectable
09/08/06 EliteGL
OpenGL Simple Hack. Features: ESP, Aimbot, Wallhack, Removals, Lambert, Crosshairs and Speedhack.
19413 Detectable
06/08/06 Ecstatic Cheat v12.14.21
OpenGL MultiHack!. Other small update from c0re.
6789 Detectable
06/08/06 Disco Rave Medium v5b
OpenGL Multihack. Changes: Codenamed NinHook. Exactly features v5a. by zippz0r
5239 Detectable
06/08/06 CS Sux Beta
OpenGL Hook. Features: Spinhack, Aimbot, Bunny, Removals, Speed, 3rdPerson, Wallhack and more...
12763 Detectable
27/07/06 AequiHack v1.30
All Anti-Cheats Proof!. Features: BoxEsp, WeaponEsp, Lambert, Aimsmoother and Panic-Key.
7651 Detectable
27/07/06 Visual Effekt v2
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Wallhack, Whitewalls, Lambert, Black Man Mode, Different colored walls.
13119 Detectable
27/07/06 Ecstatic Cheat v12.14.20
Small Update Cheat by c0re. Changelog: Remove AntiScreenshot per bug in msn and windows!
4189 Detectable
27/07/06 b0ns4i v2
OpenGL Multihack. Features: XQZ Wallhack Lambert, TeamLambert, White, Red, Green, Noflash, PlayerESP, BoxESP, WeaponESP DistanceESP , Gait/SequenceESP, Aimbot!.
7969 Detectable
26/07/06 VAC2 Disabler v2.0
VAC2 Disabler. Open Loader, Minimize and enter VAC2 Server! VAC2Proof. by wav / loader by zh4r0naX
4472 Detectable
24/07/06 Biergarten Hook v1.3
New fixes: Bind Bugs (Finally ;x), Console MSG update, Sprite ESP works now, VAC Stuff updated, Player Lights added, Avdraw added.
4390 Detectable
21/07/06 Neburn v1.0
OpenGL Hack. Features: VAC² secure, XQZ Wallhack and Lambert. by TDK / PlastiKe
6453 Detectable
16/07/06 Biergarten Hook v1
Client Multihack: Aimbot, Full ESP, FAR ESP, Wallhacks, Speedhack, Radars, Crosshairs and many more...
12266 Detectable
13/07/06 Fighter FX 7.2
OpenGL Multihack. FFX Says, Rapid Nicks, Settings, Save/Load Settings, Weapon Buybots, Aimbot, Wallhack, Speedhack, ESP, Visual Options, Zooming, RadarHack, 3rd Person Hack, Removals, Winamp Control... by zh4r0naX [Status Checker]
180759 Detectable
12/07/06 [A]lphA [P]rojecT V5
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Wallhack, FulL ESP, Noreocil, Noflash/Nosmoke, SpeedHack, Entity ESP, Fonts, Crosshairs and much much more...
12168 Detectable
11/07/06 Narcissus Narcosis v1.42
OpenGL Multihack. Features: ESP, TeamLambert, Lambert, Wallhack, NoFlash. VAC2 Proof - Autoupdate Cheat! by finate
5743 Detectable
02/07/06 b0ns4i v2 Alpha
OpenGL Hack. Featuress: XQZ/ASUS Wallhack, Lambert, TeamLambert(White,Red,Green), Noflash, PlayerESP, BoxESP!.
7052 Detectable
02/07/06 Ecstatic Cheat v12.14.18
Small Update for EcstaticCheat by c0re!
4446 Detectable
28/06/06 Delicatessen Trial [Beta Test]
OpenGL MultiHack. VAC/VAC2 Proof - CRC Update - AutoOffsets... Trial version (10 days or 50 executions) by Sharkboy999
5504 Detectable
25/06/06 Fighter FX 7.1
OpenGL Multihack. FFX Says, Rapid Nicks, Settings, Save/Load Settings, Weapon Buybots, Aimbot, Wallhack, Speedhack, ESP, Visual Options, Zooming, RadarHack, 3rd Person Hack, Removals, Winamp Control... by zh4r0naX [Loader] [Settings]
78041 Detectable
25/06/06 Ecstatic Cheat v12.14.15
Other update the Ecstatic Cheat by c0re!
4229 Detectable
22/06/06 Ecstatic Cheat v12.14.12
New update of the Esctatic Cheat by c0re!
4400 Detectable
22/06/06 Pain ESP v1.3B
Update the cheat. VAC2 Proof!
5187 Detectable
19/06/06 ZHX Simple HoOk v2.1
OpenGL MultiHack. Changelog: VAC2 Update Proof! - CheatFeatures: Aimbot, Autoshoot, Autowall, Nospread, Removals (noflash/nosmoke), Player ESP, Entity ESP, Bunny Hop, Radar Hack, SpyCam, Autoupdater, Menu and Console. zh4r0naX
16197 Detectable
19/06/06 Ecstatic Cheat v12.14.6
OpenGL MultiHack. The Ecstatic Cheat Have FULL Features! by c0re
6034 Detectable
17/06/06 Disco Rave Medium v5a
OpenGL Multihack. Changes: Add Perfect XQZ WallHack. by zippz0r and h1web.
3843 Detectable
09/06/06 GESP v1.00
OpenGL Hack. Features: perfect xqz wh,glow chams, nosmoke/noflash,distance/name/weapon esp,trans entities,barrel hack.
5871 Detectable
09/06/06 SrDeustRuction v1.3
Update of the cheat, Features: Crosshair ,AntiRecoil ,Bomb Timer , Fake Nospread ,In-Game Clock. Changelog: New skin added ingame clock better binds.
7918 Detectable
07/06/06 [VDC]Dead Aim v1.6
Update of the cheat and work now on D3D visual option, add Panic Mode and add Anti Screenshot! Very nice !!!
9482 Detectable
06/06/06 Fighter FX 666 Special Edition
Exactly FFX 7.0, small changes aparience, FFX Nicks, and FFX Says, New Loader GFX and more... Screenshot
33018 Detectable
06/06/06 Pain ESP v1.3
OpenGL Multihack. Small Fixed Name, Weapon and Box ESP was being drawn. and other changes.. by [-RxP-]nickz0r
4130 Detectable
01/06/06 ZHX Simple HoOk v2.0
OpenGL Hook. Features: Aimbot, Autoshoot, Autowall, Nospread, Removals (noflash/nosmoke), Player ESP, Entity ESP, Bunny Hop, Radar Hack, SpyCam, Autoupdater, Menu and Console. by zh4r0naX
9752 Detectable
31/05/06 Mic Cheat v2
OpenGL Multihack. Changelog: Menu Reorganized (for DoD), Reload Bar, Bombtimer, Health Esp(DoD), New gui and more...
4391 Detectable
31/05/06 [A]lpha [P]roject V4
Update OpenGL Multihack. Changelog: Beter menu and fix little bugs!
3122 Detectable
27/05/06 EasyGL v1.0
OpenGL Simple Hack. Features: All ESP, BombTimer, Classics Wallhacks, PlayerLight and Lamber. by defcon5
4795 Detectable
27/05/06 [JAPS]NoAim
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Wallhack, Colored Models, NoSky, Full ESP, NoRecoil, RadarHack, Thirperson, Removals, Zombie Glow, Winamp ingame, Shield Trans and more...
8989 Detectable
27/05/06 OrK-ESP v1.1
OpenGL Cheat. Features: WallHack, Full ESP, Radar Hack, Bunny Hop, Lambert, Crosshairs and more...
4738 Detectable
26/05/06 ZHX Simple HoOk
OpenGL Simple Hack. Features: XQZ, Asus WallHack - NoFlash, NoSmoke - Lambert Colors. Cheat Autoupdater by zh4r0naX
3409 Detectable
24/05/06 Levita GS v1.0
OpenGL Simple Hack. Features: ASUS Wallhack, XQZ Wallhack, NoFlash and Lambert.
4460 Detectable
18/05/06 Pain ESP v1.2
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Name, Box, Weapon ESP - Removals - Crosshairs - Weapon Glow, Lambert, Chams.
4675 Detectable
18/05/06 Xan ESP Public
OpenGL Hack. Features: Name ESP, Box ESP, Visible ESP, Aimbot, Aimthrough, Aiming Tweaks, Aim Key, Preloaded Aim Vecs, Draw, Winamp Song, No Sky, XQZ Wallhack. by XanTraX
9509 Detectable
17/05/06 VDC: Dead Aim v1.4.1
** Update your Hack ** New loader, Autoupdater Included, Fixed ESP issues Sven-Co-op, Added bind and script system. by c0re
6265 Detectable
14/05/06 VDC: Dead Aim
OpenGL Multihack. ESP, Wallhack, RadarHack, Thirperson, Zombie Glow and all features... by c0re
7774 Detectable
13/05/06 -][S.T.A.R.Z][- Reborn
OpenGL Client Multihack. All Features!!! Revaced by Flux!
4698 Detectable
07/05/06 Mic Cheat v1.2
Changes: CS Hud Bottom, Aimbot code added, Ammo in infobox, soundesp, New loader, Panic Key added.. by PoLo
6167 Detectable
07/05/06 Fighter FX 7.0
OpenGL Multihack. FFX Says, Rapid Nicks, Settings, Save/Load Settings, Weapon Buybots, Aimbot, Wallhack, Speedhack, ESP, Visual Options, Zooming, RadarHack, 3rd Person Hack, Removals, Winamp Control... by zh4r0naX [ antivirus scan | screenshot ]
72514 Detectable
04/05/06 Fighter FX 6.1a
*** Update Loader *** Error HL.exe in v6.1 is fixed! by zh4r0naX
8714 Detectable
03/05/06 Fighter FX 6.1
-- Loader error in hl.exe, please download v6.1a -- Thanks ;)
7544 Detectable
01/05/06 Fighter FX 6.0
OpenGL Multihack. Last Version! ---- Download FFX 6.1a, Thanks! -----
9659 Detectable
01/05/06 Neferty HoOk 1.5.3
OpenGL Multihack. ** Update offset ** Features: Spycam, All Esp, some visual, like wallhack, Speed, HitBox aim, bombsprite..
8966 Detectable
29/04/06 Mic Cheat v1.00
OpenGL Hack. Features: ESP, Aimbot, Nospread, Norecoil, SpeedHack, WhiteWalls, Wallhack, Barrel Hack, and much more...
10421 Detectable
27/04/06 [A]lpha [P]roject V3
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Wallhack, FULL Esp, BarrelHack, Spin, Aimbot, Speedhack. and much much more... Best hack!
10397 Detectable
14/04/06 Disco Rave Medium v4
OpenGL Multihack. *Update* -Added NoSmOke -Added NoFlash by zippz0r
6628 Detectable
14/04/06 F-A ESP v3.6
Features: Full ESP - Wallhack - Whitewall - Crosshair - Colored Wall - Third Person - Removal - AntiKick - Player Glow - Panic Key
11422 Detectable
09/04/06 Hummiungbird by ViscountPherget
Simple Aimbot and Radar Hack, CD and VAC 2 Secure
8638 Detectable
09/04/06 b0ns4i v1.1
XQZ , Asus , Lambert , Noflash VAC2 pr00f! A MUST HAVE !
5043 Detectable
07/04/06 Neferty HoOk 1.52
OpenGL Multihack. Features: Spycam, All Esp, some visual, like wallhack, Speed, HitBox aim, bombsprite..etc by Anubis82
12225 Detectable
05/04/06 Fighter FX 5.0
The Best OpenGL Multihack!!!. All features by zh4r0naX **old offset**
26949 Detectable
01/04/06 Fighter FX 4.0
OpenGL Multihack. Update hack!
9357 Detectable
30/03/06 Project VDC 1.09
This great OpenGL Multihack. Supported: CS 1.6, DoD and NS. by kalvin. Cheat autoupdater!
7241 Detectable
27/03/06 Ecstatic Cheat v12.03
Some Fixes in this new Version, check the readme
7045 Detectable
27/03/06 NK Cheat 5.7
Just updated, check the readme
6925 Detectable
27/03/06 Pandasex v1
Client Hack: Aimbot, FAR ESP, Wallhack, Speedhack and more, new update :)
18985 Detectable
27/03/06 Disco Rave Medium
Simple Wallhack *updated*
12070 Detectable
20/03/06 Loki-ESP v1.8
7147 Detectable
25/02/06 Ecstatic Cheat v12.01
OpenGL Multihack. The best!
8599 Detectable
25/02/06 Loki-ESP v1.5
New XQZ and fixed loader.
3372 Detectable
17/02/06 Gaben Newell Cheat v2.5
OpenGL Multihack. Removals, Wallhack, Ballhack, Crosshairs, Colored Models, No Recoil, Nospread. and much more. VAC2 Proof
7451 Detectable
17/02/06 Chapman Hack v1.3
Changes: VAC2 Proof. Autoupdate, Fixed mior bugs, New loader. OpenGL Multihack
4261 Detectable
12/02/06 Fighter FX 3.2
OpenGL Multihack. *Update OFFSET* Features: Aimbot, Wallhack, ESP, Speedhack, Zoom, Winamp, Removals, FarESP, Knivespeed, Radar Hack, 3rd Person Hack, SoundESP and much more... Cheat Autoupdater | by zh4r0naX
30355 Detectable
12/02/06 Loki-ESP v1.4
Fix Smoke and Flash. Features: FULL ESP - ASUS & XQZ Wallhack - No Smoke & Flash
3853 Detectable
12/02/06 nK Hack v5.6
Nice Multihack! Public Version
6629 Detectable
12/02/06 Ecstatic Cheat Lite
Lite version for Ecstatic! by c0re
2604 Detectable
12/02/06 OGC Owned Xtreme3
OpenGL Multihack. Tweaking and Revaced by x3
6753 Detectable
12/02/06 OGC Owned Spitfire
OpenGL Multihack. Revaced Hack!
5873 Detectable
12/02/06 x3 v1.9
OpenGL Hack. Features: x3 Wallhack and Red Crosshair...
3359 Detectable
12/02/06 F-A ESP
Simple ESP. Enjoy! PWNED
2529 Detectable
12/02/06 Solid Wireframe
Basic wireframe wallhack hack!
3521 Detectable
12/02/06 DRM Wallhack
OpenGL Wallhack. by DRM
8403 Detectable
12/02/06 Simple CN Hack
Enjoy! Cheat-Network Simple Hack!
2609 Detectable
12/02/06 Chapman Hack v1.2
Basic OpenGL Multihack
2790 Detectable
12/02/06 CS Wallhack V4
Counter-Strike Wallhack. Simple Hack.
16607 Detectable
12/02/06 [Valve] Aimbot v3
Simple Aimbot. Enjoy!
10339 Detectable
11/02/06 Loki-ESP v1.3
FULL ESP - ASUS & XQZ Wallhack - No Smoke & Flash
2972 Detectable
11/02/06 Apex Remake
OpenGL Multihack. Features: ESP, Removals (Smoke, Flash) Aimbot.
3240 Detectable
11/02/06 [Valve] Petroleum
Simple Hack. Enjoy!
2551 Detectable
11/02/06 SrDeustRuction
Simple Hack. NoRecoil, Xhair, Nospread, Bomb Timer, Crosshair.
2198 Detectable
10/02/06 Ecstatic Cheat v11.08.14
Other release update. Nice OpenGL Multihack!!!. by c0re
2051 Detectable
10/02/06 CS 1.6 Mini-Hack
VAC2 & CD 4.33.4 Proof. Simple Hack
6251 Detectable
29/01/06 Ecstatic Cheat v11.08.10
OTHER UPDATE HACK !!! - Fix errors solutions!
2857 Detectable
29/01/06 MVA Cheat
OpenGL BasicHack. Features: - ESP - Radar - Winamp
3924 Detectable
20/01/06 Ecstatic Cheat v11.062
UPDATE HACK, Other update Ecstatic... OpenGL Best Multihack.
3213 Detectable
20/01/06 Chapman Hack v1.1
Basic OpenGL Multihack
4056 Detectable
25/12/05 Limpid FX
cd / vac2 secure multihack, esp, nosmoke,speed ...
25727 Detectable
23/12/05 WTFZ0R
Aimbot - ESP - Visuals. by Endorphine (ECC)
6637 Detectable
18/12/05 Gangsta WH Fixed
Fixed deathr0w wh for fans.
3581 Detectable
14/12/05 Fighter FX 3.1
[Update v3.2] OpenGL Multihack. *DLL Fixed* Aimbot, Wallhack, ESP, Speedhack, Zoom, Winamp, Removals, FarESP, Knivespeed, Radar Hack, 3rd Person Hack, SoundESP and much more... *Autoupdater*
18779 Detectable
13/12/05 Ecstatic Cheat v8.6
New Ecstatic version. Added DOD & CSCZ Support. Update misc.
3364 Detectable
11/12/05 Fighter FX 3.0
*Update to version 3.1* OpenGL MultiHack. Wallhack, Esp, SoundESP, Aimbot, Speedhack, Nosky, Radar Hack, 3rd Person Hack, Infostats, Mirror cam, Glow, Vecs, NoRecoil, Noflash, Nosmoke and much more... *Cheat Autoupdate*
12948 Detectable
11/12/05 FuRious SP-X 11.07
Great Multihack!! - Update OFFsets pEncFuncs
19156 Detectable
11/12/05 Ecstatic Cheat v7.38
Great Multihack with tons of features @ version 7.38
1894 Detectable
11/12/05 [IC]Simple Wallhack v1.E
Simple Wallhack
5985 Detectable
11/12/05 Limpid 2
VAC2|CD|wh|esp|removes|flashlight. (Update hack)
8576 Detectable
09/12/05 Fighter FX 2.3
Offsets Update and DLL Fixed - Version Obsolete, Download 3.0 version!
2664 Detectable
06/12/05 PixelAimbot v2
Simple Pixel Aimbot
5885 Detectable
02/12/05 nK Hack v5.5
Nice Multihack
4517 Detectable
02/12/05 Fighter FX 2.2
OpenGL Multihack. CFG, DLL and Menu Fixed bugs errors! - You have old version? your cheat is autoupdate!
3898 Detectable
02/12/05 Gangsta WH Christmas Edtion
Simple WallHack
5049 Detectable
02/12/05 Anubis82 v1 Reborn
Name ESP Distance ESP Weapon ESP Box ESP Crosshair TimeSave/load Features.
1330 Detectable
02/12/05 [IC]Simple Wallhack v1.D
Simple Wallhack for CS 1.6 / CZ
3754 Detectable
01/12/05 Fighter FX 2.1
OpenGL Multihack. Fixeds: Loader, DLL, Menu bugs and Fixed ESP!. AutoUpdater!
2680 Detectable
01/12/05 FuRious SP-X 11.06
UPDATE YOUR FSP-X to 11.07 - Fix offset
4422 Detectable
01/12/05 Ecstatic Cheat v7.11 - v7.38
Fixeds: server and map crash, aimbot, bugs in menu. Added: Script & Color config, Manual Recoil. Update Your Cheat!
2482 Detectable
01/12/05 Fighter FX 2.0
Multihack. AutoUpdate, ESP, Aimbot, Vecs, Esp, Wallhack, Speed, Radar Hack, Player info, and much more...
6494 Detectable
30/11/05 Fighter FX
ESP, Aimbot, Vecs, Esp, Wallhack, Speed, Radar Hack, Player info, and much much more. zh4r0naX
10862 Detectable
28/11/05 [IC]Simple Wallhack v1.C
Simple Wallhack
4231 Detectable
20/11/05 Area51 Hack 2.5
The Great MultiHack!!!! - Wallahack, Esp, Norecoil, Noflash; noSmoke, Radar Hack, 3rd Person hack... And much more.. - Include Setup cheat installer! by PlastiKe
7521 Detectable
08/11/05 Ecstatic Cheat v5b
OpenGL Multihack.. Aimbot Fixed!
4146 Detectable
04/11/05 Simple ESP Advanced v5.1B Final
Popular ESP Hack With Many Features.
2399 Detectable
04/11/05 Endorphine RE
Multihack: Aimbot, Full ESP, Far ESP, Speedhack, Wallhack, Crosshairs, And many more...
9521 Detectable
02/11/05 Ecstatic Cheat v5a
Bug Fixed... VAC2 Proof. Multihack!
1968 Detectable
28/10/05 Ecstatic Cheat v5
Nice Multihack!
2498 Detectable
27/10/05 FuRious SP-X 10.8
Multihack - cz bombsites, bomb hud + distance & knivespeed added
4046 Detectable
23/10/05 [BLG] Public Hook v2
Spinhack,Inverse aiming,vec tweaker & rates tweaker
2463 Detectable
22/10/05 FuRious SP-X 10.71
Multihack. bug in 10.7 fixed
5868 Detectable
22/10/05 FuRious SP-X 10.7
Multi Hack - all bugs fixed in 10.7
1872 Detectable
17/10/05 FuRious SP-X 10.6
FarESP added and fixed some aimbot stuff
2581 Detectable
12/10/05 Ecstatic Cheat v4
Good OpenGL Multihack!
2586 Detectable
12/10/05 Fr0sTBy7e OpenGL
Hud Color, Vac Wallhack bypass and Lambert
2714 Detectable
08/10/05 FuRious SP-X 10.5
Here it is, the new FSP-X VAC2 Proof - by DavVv
3118 Detectable
04/10/05 Endorphine Reborn
Updated ECC, same stuff as old version - Now uses the Polymorph Engine method thanks to P47R!CK
2929 Detectable
04/10/05 Gangsta WH Fixed
FIXED gangstastyle xqz wh by deathr0w 100% vac 2 proof
2452 Detectable
03/10/05 Neferty HoOk v1.3
3104 Detectable
02/10/05 Gangsta WH
gangstastyle xqz wh by deathr0w
1962 Detectable
30/09/05 Neferty HoOk v1.0
Nice new Multihack by Anubis82
1325 Detectable
27/09/05 Ecstatic Cheat v3
Nice multihack with full esp , hitbox aimbot etc..
2146 Detectable
26/09/05 iCHEAT v1 Update 3
Aimbot , ESP , Spinhack , Speedhack etc..
6616 Detectable
24/09/05 x3 v1.1
Nice wallhack, registry coded to run through VAC scans...
2208 Detectable
22/09/05 100 PUREGL Hack
Aimbot - 3 wallhacks - Stats - Visual options
4985 Detectable
22/09/05 NoName Hack
Wallhacks - Shitty aimbot - Some visuals
4058 Detectable
20/09/05 Riddick v2.0
3414 Detectable
19/09/05 VAC2 Disabler [By XanTrax]
The new VAC2 Disabler for cs & dod
1466 Detectable
19/09/05 Ecstatic Cheat
Very nice multihack! Hitbox aimbot - Full ESP etc...
2591 Detectable
19/09/05 CS Wallhack
Easy XQZ Wallhack
9753 Detectable
18/09/05 Area51 Hack 2.0
ESP, Crosshairs, Wallhacks, Radar Hack, Camera Hack, 3rd Person Hack. by PlastiKe
2828 Detectable
18/09/05 Anubis82 v1.8.1
1081 Detectable
17/09/05 Simple ESP Advanced v5.1B
No Flash/Smoke - BHOP - 3rD Person - Camera - FULL ESP - ESP FONTS!
1478 Detectable
17/09/05 LwC + VD Hook v1
No flash/Smoke - Full ESP - Aimbot - Fonts - Wallhacks - Glow - Radar - Stats box
3267 Detectable
17/09/05 Anubis82 v1.8
1176 Detectable
16/09/05 Stealth GL v1
Very accurated aimbot & lambert
2404 Detectable
16/09/05 Anubis82 v1.7
Nice ESP Hack
1159 Detectable
16/09/05 Rage-X OgL v3.6
Nice multihack - Aimbot - ESP etc...
3241 Detectable
16/09/05 UC-PM OGL
WAllhack - Fullbright - Nightmode - Lambert - Playerwire - nosky - No smoke & Flash etc.. By PlastiKe
2843 Detectable
16/09/05 HaXoN GL
Crosshair - Night Mode & Hud color
1401 Detectable
16/09/05 No WallZ
Simple Lambert & Wallhack
2642 Detectable
16/09/05 BloodyGL v1
Perfect XQZ2 Wallhack, Lambert, Red Crosshair and Hud, VAC2 proof
2113 Detectable
16/09/05 drmx4 by deathr0w
Steamproof for 15th September again.
919 Detectable
16/09/05 VAC2 Disabler
Works on VAC1 & VAC2 Server!
1806 Detectable
20/06/05 Area51 Hack
Box, Weapon, Name, Distance, Entity ESP. Wallhacks, Player Light, No Flash, Crosshairs, Bunnyhop, Radar Hack. Hack by PlastiKe
5118 Detectable
19/06/05 Simple ESP Advanced v3
same as other esp advanced but now includes a radar
924 Detectable
11/06/05 HOOLIGANS 1.0
Slay0r v3.44 Revaced. Loader by PlastiKe
3291 Detectable
11/06/05 Simple ESP Advanced v2
Added support for all hl mods,bunnyhop,5 crosshairs & a Save/Load feature
1104 Detectable
11/06/05 AZN Cheat v2 1.1.2
ESP , Hitbox , SpeedHack removals!
3189 Detectable
10/06/05 OGC Firebird
49756 Detectable
10/06/05 OGC Xtreme 3.0
Nice Client Hook!
4242 Detectable
10/06/05 Sio Hook v2
Hack for all HL1 Mods
1323 Detectable
10/06/05 RH 2.0
2217 Detectable
10/06/05 NigNog Cheat v2
6442 Detectable
10/06/05 Stinger
Gsaim,Speed hack,Quake gun visuals,Outlined walls,Recoil Switch,Inverse aim etc..
2932 Detectable
10/06/05 KaZe Fx v1
Nice client hack for VAC2
1205 Detectable
10/06/05 Joolz 4.11 Revaced
1062 Detectable
10/06/05 YaYo DiAmOnD
Client Hook for VAC2!
1380 Detectable
10/06/05 Timberland 2.1
Statsinfo,Saystats,Speedhack,3rd-Person ,Autoweaponswitch,Winampcontrol,GUI
1875 Detectable
10/06/05 FuRious SP 9.4
Multihack speedhack , aimbot , nospread etc..
6696 Detectable
10/06/05 -][S.T.A.R.Z][- Client Hook v1.2
Multi Hack!
2811 Detectable
10/06/05 v0gelz ESP 3.0
Nightmode|Whitewalls|Wire Model|Entity wallhack|Player Glow|Speedhack
1663 Detectable
10/06/05 GFX Hook
Vac Proofing Code,Overview Radar,Spin Hack,Recoil Switch,Added Inverse Vec Switch
1387 Detectable
10/06/05 Dev!anT HooK 1.0
bunny hop , noflash , chase cam ,autospeed ,spinhack etc..
1934 Detectable
10/06/05 CN Hack Final Update
Multi Hack spinhack , aimbot , speedhack etc..
4973 Detectable
10/06/05 b0uNtyGL
Good wallhack / Menu / Winamp! OGL
2339 Detectable
10/06/05 Slay0r v3.1.44
Multihack Winamp , Wallhacks , SpeedHack , Radar Aimbot etc...
4775 Detectable
10/06/05 YaMH 2
Multihack ESP,Aimbot,Speedhack etc.. VAC 2 Secure...
5166 Detectable
10/06/05 SimpleESP Advanced
Latest build : June 7th, 2005 (to date with the newest offsets) by: XanTrax
880 Detectable
09/06/05 nK Hack v5
Good Multihack for VAC2. It has every Feature u need!
3284 Detectable
09/06/05 VAC Disabler v3
New VAC Disabler for VAC 2!
1401 Detectable
09/06/05 Endorphine v3 Final Update
OpenGL Multihack
2725 Detectable
08/06/05 RadoomX v1.1
Name ESP - Distance ESP - Weapon ESP - Box ESP
1227 Detectable
08/06/05 DRMX by deathr0w
Nothing special - Lambert, No Recoil, No Smoke, No Flash
1172 Detectable
05/06/05 Endorphine v3 Final
Client Multihack for CS 1.6 / CZ: Aimbot, FAR ESP, Radarhack, Speedhack and many much more
4659 Detectable
02/06/05 Endorphine v3 Beta
Multihack BETA
2375 Detectable
28/05/05 cr33per Get in the Cheat v1
Aimbot + ESP, Activate with 1, deactivate 2. Aimbot on Mouse3
3323 Detectable
28/05/05 nigger nogger
speedhack, wallhack, nospread, very good aiming
13331 Detectable
28/05/05 V0gelzESP v3
Features - *Wallhack - Modelhack and asus *Lambert - Normal lambert and team lambert box esp etc....
1568 Detectable
28/05/05 R34P3R h00k v.1.5
nice multihack VAC Proofed extrem guter aimbot 16x speed wallhack lambert etc.etc.
2902 Detectable
28/05/05 VAC Proof Loader v1
1008 Detectable
28/05/05 AiruN GL Hack v4.1
Add New Aimbot offsets - Fix buggy menu - Fix Aimbot - Add New HUD Colors
1991 Detectable
28/05/05 Seb ESP
Box and Name ESP !
1153 Detectable
28/05/05 AiruN GL Hack v4.0
Aimbot - WallHack - White Walls and more... read the redme!
3592 Detectable
28/05/05 AiruN GL Hack v3.0 Final
Fixed more win98/me BUGS + Fixed Asus WH bug + add new crosshair hacks
1105 Detectable
28/05/05 Core Xtreme Cheat
3286 Detectable
28/05/05 Simple ESP v4.0 Revaced
F1 - Enable Most ESP F2 - Enable MORE ESP F3 - Panic Key, ex, used to put OFF all ESP =)
1367 Detectable
28/05/05 VAC Disabler v2
Read se REDME!!
1448 Detectable
28/05/05 -][S.T.A.R.Z][- v1.2
This is a nice Multihack
2368 Detectable
28/05/05 AiruN GL Hack 3.0b
Perfect XQZ WH-Player Lambert-Whitewalls-Polywalls-Asus WH-Fullbright-Standart XQZ WH-Crosshair
1367 Detectable
28/05/05 oGl v1
No sky - No Smoke - No Falsh - Asus Wallhack - Red Lambert - Fullbright - Hud Color
1831 Detectable
28/05/05 Carson @ hoodz (0,005)
Multihack see the pic :)
1925 Detectable
28/05/05 Joolz Cheat 4.11
Aimbot - Wallhack - ESP - Speedhack - And so on ...
6055 Detectable
28/05/05 OGX Public Edition
Multihack - Aimbot - Auto pistol fire - Autoshoot - Wallhack - Nospread - Esp - Radar - Console - Hud
4834 Detectable
28/05/05 Sin Public Hack
This mainly has ESP, Name ESP, Wallhack, 3rd person, and some other nice things..
2515 Detectable
28/05/05 3 Wallhacks
Flautz Wallhack,XQZ wallhack,ASUSWallhack
8480 Detectable
28/05/05 DefCon5 EasyHack v0.3
TeamLambert,XQZ2,Lambert,Whitewalls,Smoke removal,Flash removal Changed OpenGL wrapper
1411 Detectable
28/05/05 Defcon5 EasyHack 0.2
1573 Detectable
28/05/05 Defcon5 EasyHack 0.1b
Wireframe,Wallhack + nosky,WhiteWalls
1440 Detectable
28/05/05 NoName sup2 1.0
See the pic
1601 Detectable
28/05/05 EasyESP 1.0
1 Wallhack,Name, Distance, Weapon, Visible Box ESP,9 Selectable glowshells and more.
2987 Detectable
28/05/05 Amazin OGL MultiHack 1.1
aimbot,wallhack (XQZ2, Asus, Wireframe,Walls(White, Night),esp,NO (flash,smoke,sky,recoil, lambert)
4469 Detectable
28/05/05 GhettoXhair v1
Very ghetto Crosshair
1591 Detectable
28/05/05 DarkGL Private v0.2
See the pics and the redme hf
1700 Detectable
28/05/05 dodGL v1
OGL HACK lambert,xqz,xqz2,asus,nosky, whitewalls,whitemodels,no flash
1555 Detectable
28/05/05 mo3p v1.0
readme txt...
1328 Detectable
28/05/05 SSCGDI
Just a small WH coded by uall to bypass teh SSClient. type:Wallhack
1994 Detectable
28/05/05 [JAPS]Only MultiHack (3.0)
Aimbot , Wallhack / Through walls , Burst Mode , Speedhack ,Highlited people
8074 Detectable
28/05/05 Thunderstruck v.1.1
Vac proof MULTIHACK with spin see the redme
1968 Detectable
28/05/05 Apex 0.3 revaced
vac proof opengl multihack for cs 1.6
1928 Detectable
28/05/05 3xo quot v1.0
AimbotWallHackWhite Walls No Sky LTFX WallHack No Smoke/SniperBlackout No Flash Box ESP Player ALL ESP
4428 Detectable
28/05/05 distanc0r GL 2.0
Distance ESP, Radarhack, simple and decent cheat
1922 Detectable
28/05/05 [IcT] gL 1.3
Aimbot [CS]Anti-Recoil FOV Stand Correction Duck Correction XQZ WallhackLambertThird PersonWhite Walls Night Mode
4514 Detectable
28/05/05 0pt!cGL
name esp , dist Esp , lamberts , glow , wallhacks , outlined walls , wall mods , crappy box esp.
3006 Detectable
28/05/05 rf inject!on v1
Wallhack , No Flash , No smoke , lambert , Menu
5510 Detectable
28/05/05 Phillis Hook v2
Multihack : Aimbot , Gs Aiming , Inverse Aiming , Wallhack and All that good stuff
4736 Detectable
28/05/05 My AmOkZz Multihack
aim ,recoil, aimthru, target, esp, cross, fovwall, nosmoke, nightmode, whitewalls
3897 Detectable
28/05/05 Azn M-Nation v1
Hitbox Aimbot , 3 wallhacks , Sky / smoke / flash removal ,whitewall , nightmode , Fullbright 5
4303 Detectable
28/05/05 Esp Hack Vac v1
a Esp hack,Aimbot,No Flash Copy opengl32.dll Steam/SteamApps/Account/counter-Strike/ folder
3772 Detectable
28/05/05 W Cheat
This cheat has aimbot and no recoil and more show the redme
7675 Detectable
28/05/05 CS-Hacked ESP v2
Name ESP - Weapon ESP - Box ESP - Entity ESP - Player Glow - High Distance ESP
5801 Detectable
28/05/05 ECC Hack Final v1
See the redme for more info...
9319 Detectable
20/05/05 X-Spectate
Simple Wallhack. Solo puede ser utilizado cuando estas viendo una demo. Se utiliza para cazar cheaters.
11461 Detectable
27/04/05 0z4Ma GL Hack 1.0
OpenGL Multihack. Aimbot, Wallhack, Esp, 3rd Hack, Speedhack y mucho mas.. by 0z4Ma | screenshot
31251 Detectable
IfoundnoNameforit Hack v0.1b
Ring0 Hack. Features: BoxESP, PlayerGlow, NoFlash, Clean Screens and PanicKey
82 Indetectable
Immunity Public v1.0
Pure Ring0 hack. Features: PlayerGlow, Percent NoFlash Remover, SpeedHack, ScreenShot blocker and PanicKey! by ORGANNER (VAC2 & Aequitas Proof)
145 Indetectable
27/08/07 r0 League Cheat
KernelMode ring 0 hack. Features: PlayerGlow. Aequitas, VAC2 and HLGuard Proof!
5524 Detectable
09/07/07 Orange v1.0
VAC2 & Aequitas Hack.Far-ESP (Box, Visible, Visual) and Pixelstyle Aimbot.
3840 Detectable
01/05/07 Aequitas Hax v2.00
New Hack for Aequitas Anticheat. Proof! No compatible in VAC2
3870 Detectable
07/09/06 RingDingDing BETA
This first cheat in Kernel Mode. Multihack, Proof ALL Anticheats! VAC/VAC2/CD/Aequitas. by uall
5503 Detectable
02/09/06 AequiHack Spell 1.0
Multihack: Box ESP, Name ESP, Weapon ESP, Panic Key and more... VAC 2 / HLG / Aequitas Secure
6213 Detectable
11/07/06 AequiHack
OpenGL Aequitas Hack. Proof: VAC/VAC2, HLGUARD, Aequitas - All WIndows! - Features: BoxESP and WeaponESP.
4119 Detectable
13/11/05 Anti-Aequitas v1.0
Anti-Aequitas allows you to use more than one accounts in the esl without fakeaccount_suspection.
1781 Detectable
07/09/06 RingDingDing BETA
This first cheat in Kernel Mode. Multihack, Proof CD by uall
25786 Indetectable
21/07/06 [H]ustle [H]hook v1.o
Hack with 0-4 vecs and fast aimbot.
29782 Indetectable
09/04/06 Hummiungbird by ViscountPherget
Simple Aimbot and Radar Hack, CD and VAC 2 Secure
17417 Detectable
15/02/06 CD Disabler 4.33.4b
New Version!!!! This is the new cdhack which allows u to cheat on c-d 4.33.4.
318454 Indetectable
10/02/06 CS 1.6 Mini-Hack
VAC2 & CD 4.33.4 Proof. Simple Hack.
22639 Detectable
25/12/05 Superman Hook CD 4.33.4
Nosmoke, Localglow, Flashlight, Playerglow, Name ESP, Distance Esp, Weapon ESP, Norecoil. zh4r0naX
41755 Detectable
25/12/05 Limpid FX CD 4.33.4
cd / vac2 secure multihack, esp, nosmoke,speed ...
55336 Indetectable
23/12/05 CD Disabler 4.33.4
This is the new cdhack which allows u to cheat on c-d 4.33.4
107471 Detectable
23/12/05 Limpid 2
VAC2|CD|wh|esp|removes|flashlight. (Update hack)
14343 Detectable
23/12/05 L0ry-X CD 4.33.4
ESP CD Proof
8551 Detectable
02/10/05 Limpid CD 4.32
wallhack - noflash - nosmoke - glow - flashlight - auto offeset - auto update etc...
11436 Detectable
01/10/05 CD Fake 1.2
Wallhack, Player Glow, Noflash, Nosmoke, Flashlight, A.Offset and much more. Code by PlastiKe
11752 Detectable
16/09/05 CD Fake 1.0
Cheating-Death emulation, include opengl hack, wallhack, esp, aimbot etc.. tweak by PlastiKe
8078 Detectable
16/09/05 Limpid
wallhack - noflash - nosmoke - glow - flashlight - auto offeset - auto update etc..
5987 Detectable
16/09/05 CD Disabler 4.32.0
this is the new cdhack which allows u to cheat on c-d 4.32 hf with it
26907 Detectable
20/06/05 CBH built 20.06.2005
works with 1.6,1.5 fix for cs 1.5
3103 Detectable
18/06/05 Mosquito 4.31.0 Fix
Redux fixed again..
7742 Detectable
17/06/05 Hustlerow v2.9a
Aimbot, ESP Stuff, Player Glow, Transparent Entities, No Flash, Fullspeed blinking method, Anti Snapshot system, Panic Key and more...DOES NOT WORK FOR ALL, READ INFO!
8087 Detectable
14/06/05 CBH built 14.06.2005
Works now with STEAM 1.5/1.6 ! hf
2053 Detectable
14/06/05 Universal Red Dot Crosshairhack
it draws a red point on the center of your screen
3317 Detectable
11/06/05 Universal AntiRecoil v2
Only AntiRecoil with decrease & increase.
2098 Detectable
11/06/05 CD Fake 4.31.0 by PlastiKe
C-D Disabler... [Features: Wallhack, Aimbot, Esp and more] Use Detected cheats with CD Fake Client! by PlastiKe ;)
11906 Detectable
10/06/05 CBH 5.0 built 10.06.05
Valid for NON-Steam. Solo valido para NON-Steam.
2324 Detectable
10/06/05 Redux kill
Possible to kill with this mosquito redux that injects into explorer.exe
2522 Detectable
09/06/05 Mosquito Redux 4.31.0
c-d proof again
3575 Detectable
07/06/05 Mosquito Redux
Mosquito is back - C-D 4.30.1 proof
2868 Detectable
07/06/05 Crosshairhack
Nice Simple Crosshair Hack
5336 Detectable
07/06/05 Hustlerow v2.8 by deathr0w
Added Square Box ESP, Player Glow 1x, Player Glow 2x, Player Glow 4x, Player Glow 10x - also fixed cs crash (hl.exe fehler
1288 Detectable
05/06/05 Hustlerow v2.7 by deathr0w
added No Flash and Transparent Entities, u can also use it on new cd (look readme for more infos)
864 Detectable
05/06/05 CBH 4.0 built 07.05 by CheaterBeater
Aimbot,Name ESP,Weapon ESP Distance ESP,Radarhack, Speedhack, Crosshairhack Anti-recoil, Anti c-d-logger,C-D Server_Version 4.29.1 proof!, Anti Snapshot system
7114 Detectable
05/06/05 Hustlerow v2.6 by deathr0w
added No Recoil
941 Detectable
03/06/05 Hustlerow v2.5 by deathr0w
Added Player Glow and fixed menu bugs (look ss)
661 Detectable
03/06/05 Cheating-Death Death 4.29.6
Es un cliente del CD Falso, con el cual puedes utilizar cualquier cheto detectable en servidores con C-D. Fake CD Client, you use detected cheat in C-D Servers :) C-D Server 4.29.0 Proof, C-D Client 4.29.6 Proof.
11719 Detectable
03/06/05 Opengl CheaterBeater v1.3
Hitboxes aimbot - Full ESP - Speedhack - Norecoil and fixed bug in kursor aim is the last CB_GL Version!
4166 Detectable
02/06/05 Super-CD
Aimbot : Offset | AIM Z | Aimpoint | Autoshoot | Autoaim | Autoknife | Randoaim ESP: Name ESP | Weapon ESP | Distance ESP | Box ESP | Ball ESP
9550 Detectable
02/06/05 Simple Smoke Hack
Copy the files in your "cstrikesprites" floder HF ;)
1711 Detectable
01/06/05 Hustlerow v2 by deathr0w
-Added Box ESP, Class ESP, Unknown ESP, Gaitsequence ESP, Player Glow & Anti Snapshot system.
780 Detectable
01/06/05 deadcoil v1
Simple Anti Recoil Hack
1745 Detectable
30/05/05 OpenGL CheaterBeater v1.2
New -> Nice (hitboxes)Hitboxaimbot and speedhack ! | C-D Server 4.29.0 Proof | C-D Client 4.29.6 Proof
2956 Detectable
29/05/05 Hustlerow by deathr0w
Aimbot - FOV 0-360, Offset, AIM Z, Autoshoot, Autoaim - Name ESP - the name of the player - Weapon ESP - the weapon of the player - Distance ESP - distance to the player - Ball ESP - a red point at player - Anti c-d-logger - C-D isnt able to log you until next c-d update - C-D Server Version 4.29.0 proof!
5093 Detectable
28/05/05 OpenGL CheaterBeater v1.0
CB_GL 2005 fixed the radar now!
1578 Detectable
26/05/05 Mosquito v5 (4.29.6)
OpenGL Multihack. Aimbot, Wallhack, Esp, Noflash, Nosmoke an much more. (Fixed)
4827 Detectable
26/05/05 CD Proof - Anti Recoil
This is VAC proof, HLG proof, and CD proof. Do not delete any lines in the .cfg file.
1559 Detectable
26/05/05 GUI CheaterBeater
GUI CB Eine Deutsche versoin von ihm -Full ESP - Aimbot usw.. CD 4.29.6!! German Version
1465 Detectable
26/05/05 CheaterBeater build 19.04
Cheater Beater Dismal mit speedhack ! (New with speedhack)
2909 Detectable
26/05/05 CheaterBeater build 06.0
(Radar added.) Da dieser cheat in Russisch ist und man nur ?? sieht werde ich im forum eine kleine hilfe stellung dazu schreiben ihr müsst euch registiren damit ihr diese sehn könnt viel spass.
1639 Detectable
26/05/05 CheaterBeater v2
Da dieser cheat in Russisch ist und man nur ?? sieht werde ich im forum eine kleine hilfe stellung dazu schreiben ihr müsst euch registiren damit ihr diese sehn könnt viel spass
2461 Detectable
25/05/05 CB_GL 2005
Aimbot - FOV 0-360, Offset - Crosshairhack - Radarhack - hacked radar - Nonblink full ESP - Name ESP - Anti c-d-logger ...
3791 Detectable
08/05/05 CD Disabler 1.2 Fix
Wallhack, Esp, Aimbot, Noflash, Nosmoke etc... | by Ant_Man | exeFix by PlastiKe
6655 Detectable
08/05/05 Mosquito v5 Fix (4.29.5)
OpenGL Multihack. Aimbot, Wallhack, Esp, Noflash, Nosmoke an much more ;) | by SuxX | Patched by PlastiKe
3901 Detectable
12/04/05 Raid Max Hack 1.1
OpenGL Multihack. Incluye el Raid Max Hack, CD Disabler 1.2 y Raid Max Unistall Tool. readme
3817 Detectable
10/04/05 Mosquito v5 Patched by PlastiKe
OpenGL Multihack. Patched by PlastiKe for C-D 4.29.3
2305 Detectable
10/04/05 CD Disabler 1.2
Wallhack, Esp, Aimbot, Noflash, Nosmoke etc... Patched by PlastiKe | El cheat incorpora el Cheating-Death Death
8356 Detectable
27/03/05 CD Disabler 1.1d
Wallhack, Esp, Aimbot, Noflash, Nosmoke etc... | El cheat incorpora el Cheating-Death Death
6770 Detectable
21/03/05 Moize Pack BETA
Script Pack. Crash, Bunnyhop, Autofire, Fake Reload, Turn 180º Script, Awp Switch, Spam Script.. readme
3625 Detectable
21/03/05 CD-Disabler 1.1c
Hack que emula al cheating-death para poder usar cheats detectables
3227 Detectable
20/03/05 CD Disabler 1.1b
Emula al cheating-death, podiendo usar cualquier cheat detectable.
4991 Detectable
20/03/05 Mosquito v5
OpenGL Multihack. Endorphine Coding Crew
4469 Detectable
20/03/05 Fap (Simple WallHack)
Simple wallhack
8035 Detectable
20/03/05 Anaconda
Simple Hack. C-D Proof
5920 Detectable


13/04/06 Editor GM
Podras hacerte GM y editar tu personaje entre varias cosas...
65062 Indetectable
13/04/06 Editor Vault
Podras editar el vault de tu personaje
129604 Indetectable
13/04/06 Editor Stats
Podras editar tu personaje y sus stats
144935 Indetectable
05/06/06 MU [No Censoring Hack]
Podras evitar la censura de palabras prohibidas en el MU GLOBAL / Removed censor filter in MU GLOBAL. by [DC]devnulls
9331 Desconocido
13/04/06 eXpLoRer
Simple Speedhack. MU version 99b+. MU Minimizer Required!
158696 Desconocido
12/10/05 Cheat Happens v3.95 XP Beta 2
17683 Detectable
12/10/05 ALTIMIT v2
11554 Desconocido
17/09/05 MU Hexadecimal Codes
37382 Desconocido
17/09/05 MU Cheat Pack v2
pack de cheats
41086 Desconocido
28/05/05 Cheat Happens v3.9 Beta 1
Solo Windows 2000 y MU 0.98m
5498 Detectable
28/05/05 Travis Minimizer
Minimiza el MU | .NET Framework
13294 Indetectable
28/05/05 Jaffa Cake Of DooM
Minimiza el MU. Version 0.98L. | .NET Framework
5898 Indetectable
23/05/05 MU Fast
Launcher "Mu Fast"
29176 Indetectable
23/05/05 AutoClick
Buguea Windows y hace 1000 clicks por segundo.
118978 Indetectable
23/05/05 MU Online Image Converter
Image converter
10261 Indetectable
23/05/05 MU Editor
Editor de Cuentas Char, Items, Etc...
67220 Desconocido
26/04/05 IPCheck
Verifica la IP de del mu que quieras!
33662 Indetectable
23/04/05 Main 0.97D
Main que desabilita el GameGuard en la version 0.97D
5075 Desconocido
23/04/05 Main 0.97
Main que desabilita el GameGuard en la version 0.97
3708 Desconocido
22/03/05 WindowMode
Otra herramienta para minimizar el muonline
24808 Detectable
21/03/05 MUProxy 1hit kill by assad
32296 Desconocido
21/03/05 MuPie Minimizer 1.0
muonline minimizer sirve para minimizar el MU
13251 Detectable
21/03/05 MuPie X
Magnifico cheat que sirve para incrementar tu hi count y para otras muchas mas funciones como por ejemplo trasladarte a las cordenadas que quieras y mucho mas
40612 Detectable

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